Fun and interactive ‘seek and find’ book about Aotearoa’s unique wildlife


Where is it?: A wildlife hunt for Kiwi kids 


Published by Potton & Burton, 09 October 2020 RRP: $19.99 paperback

Can you find the little wren hopping on the alpine rocks? The banded dotterel feeding in the muddy estuary. Spot the cushion star on the rocky shore?

Where is it? takes children, their caregivers and educators on an incredible journey – from the open ocean to the beach, wetlands, river, forest and mountains – in search of Aotearoa New Zealand’s unique wildlife.

Ned Barraud is an award-winning author/illustrator, whose charming new book is full of big, bold and richly detailed illustrations which are showcased alongside fascinating information and fun facts. Every double-page spread illustrates a different habitat, allowing children to hover over the intricate illustrations in a bid to find the wildlife who live there.

Children will discover incredible things about the creatures which surround them, like the flounder, with its travelling eye, or the various and surprising habitats of a pipi. As they turn the pages, they will discover what to look for in an estuary, such as a pied stilt; learn they can find takahe or hihi in a sanctuary; and in the forest, know to look for ruru hidden on a branch or a velvet worm crawling in the leaf litter.

Where it it? introduces young readers to the diversity of Aotearoa’s many creatures in the most delightful way. The interactive nature of the book is designed to encourage learning and curiosity in early readers; the myriad facts and intriguing pictures will keep even the most knowledgeable of children occupied and entertained. The pictures are supported by a comprehensive glossary at the back of the book, alongside information about each creature’s lifecycle, habitat and eating habits.

Where is it? is an innovative take on the concept of a New Zealand wildlife hunt for kiwi kids, one which inspire them to want to find out more.

Ned Barraud studied art at Victoria University of Wellington and has been illustrating children’s books since 2000. He has illustrated seven books in the highly successful ‘Explore and Discover’ series about different ecosystems in New Zealand, and three solo book projects, including Watch out for the Weka, and 2018’s acclaimed book on insects Backyard Beasts. He is also the author and illustrator of What happened to the moa, which also comes out in October. In 2019 he released two books: Tohorā: The Southern Right Whale and Rock Pools. Ned lives in Wellington with his wife and three children. For more, go to:

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