My Indian Kitchen: Delicious Recipes for New Zealand Cooks

“My passion for food goes back a long way but sharing and writing about food is a more recent phenomenon. About six years ago, I started writing a food blog, to share the recipes that I grew up with and that inspired me to cook for my family. Being of Indian heritage, born and brought up in Malawi, and then moving to the UK, inspired me to share the way I grew up eating. The way my mum cooks. A lovely blend of East & West, using simple spices and some pantry staples you can create, simple, easy, authentic Indian dishes for you and your family and friends. In essence, I am a home cook, sharing my Indian Kitchen with you.”  – Ashia Ismail-Singer

Aromatic, spicy, tangy and sweet . . . these are the words that describe Ashia Ismail-Singer’s earliest food memories. Inspired by her mother’s cooking, My Indian Kitchen is full of delicious recipes that transcend a mere list of ingredients and measurements. For Ashia, they are food experiences that have been passed down through generations, connecting Ashia with her childhood, culture and family overseas.

Quick and easy, with ingredients that are readily available in your pantry and fridge, Ashia’s recipes feature traditional Indian dishes alongside a range of modern Indian tastes and textures. As you turn the pages of My Indian Kitchen, you will find inspiration on every page – from chutneys, grazing and bites, to light lunches, mains meals, desserts, home baking, and more. Who can resist Kebab pastry twists, Spicy chill prawns, Cardamom cake with mascarpone & rose icing?

My Indian Kitchen is divided into six sections and boasts nearly 100 recipes, including popular and less familiar Indian dishes, with ingredients that are easily found in New Zealand. Ashia’s food is brought to life by luscious photography by esteemed photographer Manja Wachsmuth’s.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ashia Ismail-Singer was born to Indian parents and raised in Malawi and the UK. One of four girls, food has  always played an important part in her life and Ashia believes that it is one of life’s great pleasures. Ashia was taught to cook by her mother, learning the traditional Indian way – without shortcuts – but since then, has combined influences from Malawi, the UK and New Zealand into her cooking. She is a regular contributor to New Zealand House & Garden and Taste magazines, and appears regularly in a number of other food-related media. Ashia Ismail-Singer works as a school nurse and lives in Auckland with her Kiwi husband, and two children. Ashia blogs about food here:

Published by Potton & Burton, October 2018, RRP: $49.99

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