What can the All Blacks teach our coalition government?

30530-MLS-Sebastian Salicru
30530-MLS-Sebastian Salicru


Visiting leadership expert and business psychologist Sebastian Salicru says that the All Blacks can teach New Zealand’s new coalition government – and the rest of the world – a thing or two about leadership.

Reflecting on the All Blacks phenomenal success over the past 100 years, Salicru points to the team management’s strong collective leadership style, and says that its winning ethos is embodied in its organisational culture. This leading from ‘the back seat of the bus’ approach has helped to develop and sustain a winning culture that  instilled a commitment to integrity, honesty, courage, team evaluation and reflection. “The club transcends the realm of sport and embodies the unique spirit of one of the most resilient nations in the world”, he said.

Salircu says, “The bottom line is that in the All Blacks organisation, at any time, there is always someone ready and willing to step up for the collective benefit of the club. Arguably, this culture of high performance and collective leadership is readily transferable to New Zealand’s newly formed coalition government; Jacinda Ardern, Winston Peters and James Shaw are in a unique position to foster the All Black’s successful, collaborative model of leadership to get some scores on the board.”

The author of Leadership Results: How to create adaptive leaders and high-performing organisations for an uncertain world (Wiley), Salicru says that leadership around the world are in crisis. “The context for leadership has changed, and current leadership practices are out of sync with the world of today. Leaders around the world are creating distrust, doubt and dissent rather than confidence and engagement. What we are witnessing in the US, Britain and Spain are prime examples of such leadership,” he said.

With more than 20 years of experience, Salicru has worked with Fortune Global 500 companies, including Nike and the Emirates Group, in Australia, USA, Europe, UAE, China and Singapore. He regularly presents at national and international conferences and industry events on the latest developments on leadership, and is the founder and principal consultant at PTS Consultants in Sydney.

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Sebastian Salicru is an Associate of Melbourne Business School – Executive Education and holds a Master of Creativity & Change Leadership from State University of New York and a Master of Management Research from UWA Business School at the University of Western Australia. He is currently a PhD candidate at University of Technology Sydney. For more: http://www.leadershipresults.com.au.

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